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These days, even employers expect you to market yourself on a website platform to even get a job let alone having anything tangible to offer as a product & service to this world. 


That's why the tech industry has strived to create a way where we can easily display our skill sets, products & services to the world. 

We have condensed over 10,000 hours of knowledge into 2 different types of workshops: 

5-day workshops

(1 hour/day + offline course work to review each day)

- Website & Mobile App 

- Website 

- Mobile App 

- Gaming Website & Mobile App


2-hour classes

- Business Foundations Startup 

- Set up your project for success: Scrum vs. Agile vs. Waterfall 

- Digital Design 

- Custom Development 

- Digital Marketing & Go to Market Strategy 

- Automation & Manual Testing 

course benefits
  • Dedicated 1-1 Instructor - each class has up to 10 students leaving plenty of time for Q&A as well as personalized attention
  • Small active lesson discussions - via Zoom & screen share walk through-tutorials
  • Hands-on work assignments: we do not quiz you on hypothetical use cases
  • We give you the tools to build the use cases yourself - whichever one inspires you the most to test out a proof of concept with, then we'll walk you through each tool to use in order to build your concept 
  • Over 5,000 hours of technical teaching broken down into either a 2-hour workshop or a 5-day workshop
  • Get Guidance, Support & Community
  • All from a laptop!
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