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Software automation is a reliable means of reducing sales lifecycle time without sacrificing the quantity and quality of data integrity. Whether you’re using a server-based platform or a cloud-based platform, we have experts that can work towards your Company’s goals.

We are the preeminent provider of software automation services and have automated applications running on major platforms, using a wide range of well-known tools and custom-developed automation solutions. From testing to deployment, we assure all the coding is functional and optimal.


- Website, mobile app, website redesign & SEO audit, custom product or software development

- Full project lifecycle from planning strategy to execution of final product to market

- Branding guidelines, technical planning, architectural diagrams, 3rd party integration planning meetings

- Design & develop custom software, products, proprietary databases

- Migrate old systems into new ones while maintaining data integrity

- Cross-system backend data communications (API's)

- Create a virtual private network (VPN) for remote & on-site desktop access with offline syncing capabilities

- Migrate on-site server databases to Amazon Web Services, Azure or your preferred web services cloud storage vendor while maintaining data infrastructure & restoring NTFS permissions automatically

- Implement business continuity across multiple locations - national & international

- Maintenance service provider services: ongoing maintenance release, version control & program management Support





Our extensive background allows us to help clients develop detailed requirements and create the necessary use cases that can identify more bugs earlier ensuring that we meet successful product release deadlines.

We take your business use cases, break them down into system requirements and execute functional market validation tests to verify that your product and/or application has its place in its niche market.

We now offer a variety of staffing & service packages which ends up being better suited for many of our client needs. That being said, it's very important to book the free 30-minute consultation first, prior to scheduling any service to ensure you are making the best cost-effective choice that aligns with your goals.

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The Design phase is critical because it helps get the proof of concept together so that you do not waste more money in development trying to go back and make changes if you do not like how something looks or where it is placed on the product or page.

We offer 3 different design prototypes options:

  • Design Flowchart & Architectural Diagrams

  • Design Mockups (Black & White Design Frames)

  • Design Wireframes (Colored, Fully-Detailed Design Frames)


Our designers help create the design and make sure it matches the criteria of how you want it to look. 

Well vetted and superiorly talented, we select only the best of the best designers who can take a simple thought and create amazingly detailed design screens that most times turn out, in our Client's words, "a lot better than I envisioned it to look!"


We have an extensive HR database with thoroughly tested & vetted engineers who are ready to go with whatever programming language or 3rd-party system that the assignment requires. 

We provide on-shore & off-shore resources with a wide variety of countries to choose from depending on your budget & preferences in what is considered the workday hours for the project.


You need the assurance that your application provides your users with the outcomes and experience expected.

Our testers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to efficiently & automatically test the development of your releases to ensure we are delivering the highest quality applications at the speed of your business.

We are ISO 9001 certified. This means we adhere to strict industry quality control standards & guidelines when testing your application. Therefore, we run internal annual quality control audits in order to make the necessary adjustments to stay in good standing with current industry laws and policies.

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We plan out landing pages that we can A/B test for user engagement & overall performance of your products or services. 

In addition, we can create the social media pages on all relevant 3rd party digital marketing applications that would connect your products, services & landing page urls with a whole world of users that are specifically on the web looking for products & services like yours using those sites.


We train your staff in granular phases or all at once depending on your preferences and the scope of staff that need to be trained in which areas.



We also teach you, your staff &  family members on all phases of going about this yourself for those who are self-starters and have the time to learn new skills but don't want to have to invest their time taking other sub-courses just for college credits which ends up skyrocketing the cost of your education and compromising the quality in focused courses specifically here to help you execute and deliver a tangible product or system from a conceptual idea. 

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