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How Much Does A Website & Mobile App Cost?

It depends. 


Information-based websites and mobile apps start at $599, and e-commerce websites and mobile apps start at $999, but more robust features and/or resources needed to do the work will affect the price range. 


Websites are just as unique as you are. With that said, the best way to determine an accurate price quote is by knowing what characteristics your website will need to successfully display your service/product offerings and what you need to achieve operational excellence behind the scenes in an admin portal that controls the content displays and sales/customer account information.

What do you love most about your job?

We love being able to transcend businesses into the Digital Age! 

Now, business owners have all the tools they could ever need at their fingertips. All we need is internet access and we have every application we need, as long as we have a great technical team behind it making sure it operates according to your business needs.

For example, farmers can create proprietary business mobile apps that their field operations team can use to create a digital systematic workflow using artificial intelligence that connects the weather reading apps that report the local conditions, with the business systems equipment like the water sprinklers, Fertilizer Drones, Sow & Plow Equipment, that will operate according to local weather patterns. At the same time, that system sends live notification alerts to management as a warning method so they can make more informed decisions in order to prevent costly operational issues.

We love being able to make a Client's vision come to life. We always enjoy seeing Clients satisfied and excited to start using their product, site, or mobile application to improve their operations and return on investment on their bottom line.

What makes a great website & mobile app?

Everyone notices a well-thought-out and put-together website design.


Everyone talks highly about companies that show operational excellence with the way they choose to incorporate technology into their customer service policies., customer retention offers, and new product releases promotional advertisement tactics.

A great website design gives you an opportunity to, in a few seconds, identify the most important thing about the advantages of your company, service, or product amongst your competitor’s website. We have many ideas about how we may do this for our Clients. Our recommendations are thoughtful, and always in our Client's best interest. We provide the most thorough research proposal on how we may help the Client achieve their goals if the Client doesn't have a clear vision to start.


Website and mobile designs should be redesigned & the whole company brand should be restrategized at least every 5-10 years to keep up with its competition and the changes within its consumer markets - especially as it relates to their customer outreach strategy over the world wide web. Over the years, it should remain fashionable and relevant. Trendy.

Design Tools:
We use: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, InDesign, InVision, Principle for any and all graphic design projects.

Development Tools:
We use: WordPress, Wix, Weebly, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, SQL, Django, Ruby on Rails and more.

Will Technology Replace Humans?

If you really familiarize yourself with what technology really is and aims to do is not necessarily put on this Earth to replace human effort, but to make the human effort & contributions towards providing for our overall society more efficient so that we can continue to produce critical technology that can help solve some of this World's greatest challenges & beyond. 

As there continues to be a need for artificial technology, humans just need to adapt their skill sets to keep up with the demands. 

Building smart, sustainable, scalable, secure & agile business operational information systems will always require equally advanced humans driving it at the helm. 

That's why we help you shape innovation in the shortest amount of time while staying within your budget. 

Describe your creative process.

We design and develop within the client's budget. We create the prototype of what the website, app or product will look like. We review it with the Client for changes that the Client wants to make and then we perform thorough tests in order to assure our quality before we launch to market.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

  • What do you need? Mobile app, website, design creatives, digital marketing, security, SEO, Adwords?

  • Will customers be transacting or is this just an info site?

  • How many pages or sections does the Client need?

  • What payment processor do they need to integrate, do they need to integrate Quickbooks or any other ERP?

  • Do they need lead generation form, and will it need to integrate with their current CRM system?

  • Are there any other integrations that you need on your website?

  • Do they have video content to provide, or will they need us to provide video content?

  • Do they have image content to provide, or will they need us to provide image content?

  • What is the budget?

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

We have a deliverables checklist but typically it covers the following:

  • If they have a domain name already we need the login to whoever is hosting the domain so we can transfer it over to the website host that we are using-

  • If they have image/video/written content ready to use

  • If they don't have image/video content will they want stock options? We will provide stock websites so the Client can choose which images/videos they want if they wish to be involved in that decision making

  • Company credit card to use on file for operational expenses such as vendor fees, website hosts, domain names, security layering (client can do this part on their own to avoid sharing sensitive information)

  • Products already listed in a .CSV file. If not, we will want to ask vendors if they can provide their products in .CSV file format for easy upload

  • All 3rd party access (we usually just ask to be given temporary access in order to connect the systems or communicate with the 3rd party technical teams in order to accomplish the work) 

What resources do you provide?

We carefully vet our staff by conducting an extensive background check along with a monitored skill set testing assessment & professional references. We also start all of our employees and contractors on internal projects to test their skills on internal tasks before assigning them to Client specific projects and/or tasks. 

The skill sets we provide are the following:


  • Copywriting, graphic design, logo & business marketing materials, CGI Stock Models


  • Full-stack (proficient in all  front-end and back-end languages and frameworks, as well as in server, network & hosting environments) 

  • System Niche-Specific (we have a database of fully vetted technology professionals who have experience building robotics, creating A.I. algorithms & logic pathways, and setting up various 3rd party business operational systems ranging from SAP to BAMBOO.


  • All testers are proficient in automation testing and are required to segment their work according to the testing category in which the testing material falls within.

Do resources work on multiple client projects?

Each resource is allocated on a project, part-time, or full-time basis. 

According to the Client terms, the resources will either be allocated as full-time resources which would mean they would not be allocated to any other projects for the lifetime of the contract terms, or they will be allocated as part-time resources, expected to commit a full half-day to the Client (4 hours/day = 20 hours/week) while the remaining 20 hours may be allocated for another Client or internal project.

Why Should We Hire You?


You need the assurance that your application provides your users with the outcomes and experience expected.

Our developers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to efficiently and automatically test the development of your releases to ensure we are delivering the highest quality applications at the speed of your business.

We are ISO 9001 certified. This means we adhere to strict industry quality control standards and guidelines when testing your application. Therefore, we run internal annual quality control audits in order to make the necessary adjustments to stay in good standing with current industry laws and policies.

Why Do You Choose To Offer Your Services?

There are many reasons! Here are 10 good ones:


Our company is rooted in love & integrity. We're passionate, playful, and fully invested in our art so that our skills are better refined to fully serve you the best. 


We all have every right to create and experience the material realm of this world. What you think should be seen, felt, touched, experienced. The challenge is to find the team that can help you achieve this goal! We hold an unshakable belief in limitless possibilities. That with humility, persistence, and focus — we can manifest just about anything!


This platform is to generate awareness for several philanthropic endeavors all year round. We want nothing more than to align with like-minded entrepreneurs who also want to start changing this world for the better! We have no interest in competing or stealing your gift to this world! All we want to do help shift the positive changes by making them part of our reality as soon as we can help get them to market. 


Exceeding expectations and obsessive attention to detail are our specialties. We give 100% and then some in all endeavors for you, ourselves, and all others.

We have a beautiful portfolio of Clients that we can show, but mostly, we are genuinely passionate about making our Clients money make them money. We want to see our Clients succeed in their business endeavors - no matter if they are just getting started or scaling out and need more security, updated software or website.


We're very proud to create and sell helpful resources for entrepreneurs. Our goal is to have every customer feel mind blown by their experience and feel reassured they're connected with someone that truly cares about them for the long-haul.

We have a very diversified portfolio of Clients ranging from non-profit to Fortune 500 companies:


We're plain speakers who mean what we say and say what we mean. We're honest with our clients, colleagues, audience, friends, family, and most importantly ourselves. If our resources and services aren't right for you, we'll say so.


When mistakes happen, we take accountability and will work non-stop to set things straight. 


You're the driving force behind our work. You help us create meaningful change in this world. We're passionate about customer satisfaction, following up, and ensuring you feel valued, respected, and appreciated as you truly are.


PITAs, trolls, and narrow-minded individuals who demonstrate deceitful and mean-spirited behavior are not welcome — in this community or as customers. This also extends to any practice of sexism, racism, or any ism rooted in bigotry and hate.


Our sense of humor is unconventional and our sense of optimism is relentless.
We're irreverent and straight-shooting.
We stand boldly for tolerance and kindness.
We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.


When you love what you do, it won't feel like work.

How Much Is Your Consultation?


Contact us below and we will reach back to you via email to schedule a time that works best for you to go over your business needs.

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