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Sky Sports

A compilation of my best group skydives  in the most beautiful places.

Oahu, Hawaii

Birthday skydiving in Oahu, Hawaii.

Skydiving skills: Triple front-flip exit, flips.

Mountain View, California

Skydiving with my friends at Google.

Above is my camera view, the video below is another angle.

Skydiving skills: 9-person "starseed" formation, target landing.

Sebastian, Florida

Skydiving Skills: Seated skydive.

Skydiving Skills: Tracking, heads down, ride the floaties, ride the wingsuiter & canopy formation.

Skydiving Skills: Back-flip gainer exit.

Skydiving Skills: Front-flip exit, flips, HUMAN CANNON BALL with 3 flips!

Skydiving Skills: 4-person linking.

Skydiving Skills: 3-person human pin-wheel.


Flying Planes

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