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Service Dog Guidebook

Service Dog Guidebook

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The Service Dog GuideBook is a 40-page in-depth rulebook that we are required to hand out to all of our Service Dog Trainees. It is our highly recommended read.


And trust me, we have (wasted) a lot of time reading countless long books about service dog training, enough to know that most of them say the same thing over and over again, and most of us are taking this course because we have to, not because we would want to read the course material let alone show up for class every time.


With that being said, 40 pages is just the right amount of information that you will need in order to be an expert at your Service Dogs rights, along with all the different Service Dog Public Use Cases that require:

 1) Background knowledge in each one

 2) The specific types of douments you would need with you & templates/contact info for each one

3) The ADA Complaint Claim Dept. Phone #'s 

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